St. Louis Blues

Mar 23, 2010 No Comments

As part of the 2nd Annual Tulsa Festival de [French] Film (45 min), from West Africa Reception and film honoring our distinguished guests from French speaking West Africa. Professor Lydie Muenier, University of Tulsa, will introduce the film and moderate a Q&A with our visiting dignitaries. Synopsis: Just when despair began to set in about […]

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I Am Alive and I Love You (Je suis vivante et je vous amie)

Mar 19, 2010 No Comments

Julien is a shy, bookish railway worker trying to live a quiet and inconspicuous life under the eyes of his German and collaborationist supervisors. One night he answers the whispered plea of a young Jewish woman confined in one of the transport wagons. She slips a message to him through a crack in the floor […]

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2nd Annual Tulsa Festival de French Film

Mar 17, 2010 No Comments

2nd Annual Tulsa Festival de French Films Monday – Wednesday, March 15 – 17 Mon-3/15-7:00 Tues-3/16-1:00 Wed-3/17-5:00 French Short Films An eclectic compilation of short films from France. MAKE YOURSELF A HOME THEIR FIRST JOURNEY IN THEIR SHOES 200,000 PHANTOMS THE PENCILS 00H17 With an introduction by Oklahoma Movie Makers. French Film Festival Films(not yet […]

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