What Does the Circle Mean to Me?


Recently the Circle Cinema posed a question to our regular patrons: What does the Circle Cinema mean to you?  While all of the essays blew us away (and we are tremendously grateful for all of them!) here are three of our favorites:

“The Circle Cinema means getting to share the experience of meeting two of the less than 1% children survivors of Auschwitz in person with my own children. It means watching THE LOST BOYS OF SUDAN and meeting a “lost boy” in person. The Circle Cinema shows us more than “just a movie”. I can honestly say that my experience with The Circle Cinema has changed my life. I’ve learned that the Holocaust was real, the Sudan genocide is real, and my own struggles CAN be used to make a positive change. This I know!”
– Traci Baker

“Restoring the Circle Cinema is of major importance to the City of Tulsa, as well as to me and my family. I am an 80-year-old native Tulsan; my parents brought us to movies here when I was a girl – admission 10 cents! “Going to the Circle” was an important part of our 1930s and ’40s social life. Being able to come here now to see such varied, high quality films, after years of both the theatre and the neighborhood falling on hard times. It is an extraordinary accomplishment for the Kendall-Whittier area, for the entire City, and for me.”
– Joyce Anderson Jackson

“The Circle Cinema is more than a kick-booty cinema that shows cutting edge films from all over the world. They are a non-profit foundation with a huge heart. The Circle Cinema has helped The Tulsa Girls Art School in so many ways and has allowed us to hold art shows which made money for our foundation. Each individual who works there really cares not only about amazing films, but about their community, art, and making Tulsa a better place to live! I am forever in awe by your compassion, caring and ability to throw amazing events to enrich our lives.”
– Matt Moffett

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Our mission is to use film to foster understanding and appreciation of the diversity of the human experience, and create community among the viewers in the restored historic Circle Cinema.
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