Tulsa Pen and Ink Land Mark Drawing Betty Nottier

The exhibit Opening is on Thursday, April 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 and will run to Monday May 23.

Tulsa’s 25 most notable landmarks

NELLIE KELLY – Tulsa People

Tulsa is teeming with landmarks, from the stately and historical to the modern and downright unusual. This spring, renew your knowledge of the city by taking a tour of Tulsa and exploring these unique attractions.

“When I moved to Tulsa in 1977, the look of the city was all new to me. I was particularly impressed with the Art Deco buildings; like Boston Avenue Methodist Church, or Warehouse Market. I loved the River Park, Rose Garden and Woodward Park, even the sky seemed bigger and the sunsets awesome.

Anyway, there were plenty of scenes to inspire me to sketch and paint. Many of these were done on the spot, which is kind of a hassle because of all the equipment an artist needs. However it was well worth it. People would stop and watch or talk to me, critique or compliment my work. It was fun, also a great way for a newcomer like me to feel welcome. So I guess this started my love affair with the sights of Tulsa. Recently my daughter discovered some of my ink drawings of Tulsa and we decided they would make great note cards, and they do.”

Betty Notter

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