“The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers” & “Calls to Okies: The Park Grubbs Story”



Thursday, August 13 at 7:00 – Tickets here

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In sponsored by Tulsa Overground Film & Music Festival​.

Okie filmmakers Ben Steinbauer, Bradley Beesley and Beau Jennings are hitting the road for an Oklahoma double-feature road trip during a three-state tour in August. Call to Okies: The Park Grubbs Story, a short film by Steinbauer and Beesley about prank callers from Bartlesville, OK, will be opening for The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers, a feature-length documentary by Jennings and Beesley as they tour the US following the life of Will Rogers.

In the early 1980s, before Punk’d, Crank Yankers and Jack Ass, a group of teenagers from Bartlesville, OK began conducting strange backwoods experiments with their landline telephone. These underground prank calls gained infamy and became known as Park Grubbs, garnering such fans as The Flaming Lips, Daniel Clowes (Ghostworld, Art School Confidential) and Peter Bagge (Hate). Filmmakers Ben Steinbauer (Winnebago Man) and Bradley Beesley (Okie Noodling I and II, Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo) set out to create A Call to Okies: The Park Grubbs Story to answer the elusive question surrounding hse hilarious and mysterious prank calls: “Who is Park Grubbs?”

After the short, the journey of singer-songwriter Beau Jennings begins as he follows the footsteps of his childhood hero in The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers. From the Verdigris River, connecting Jennings’ and Rogers’ hometowns of Inola and Oologah, OK, to the crash site in Alaska, Jennings and Beesley tour the nation to perform original songs at key places in Rogers’ life. Throughout their travels, they recount the life of Will Rogers while simultaneously exploring the inspiration he instilled in Jennings throughout his life as well.

The screenings will be followed by a live performance by Beau Jennings with additional songs from The Verdigris soundtrack accompanying the film.

For more information on “The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers,” visithttp://www.theverdigrisfilm.com/.

“Call to Okies” trailer: https://vimeo.com/121302150

“The Verdigris” trailer: https://vimeo.com/129509846

“The Verdigris” album: http://beaujennings.bandcamp.com/album/the-verdigris-2

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