TGAS “Raining Cats and Dogs”



Show opens Thursday, July 14 5:30 – 9:00 and tuns through September 18.

TGAS Director Matt Moffett, a nationally recognized and highly sought-after painter of pet portraits, will guide the students to create an array of dog and cat portraits in various mediums that will literally transform the Circle Cinema Gallery.

Tulsa Girls Art School Project, Inc. (Tulsa GAS) is a new grassroots nonprofit art studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Our Mission Statement is “Empowering underserved girls through visual arts training.” Our goal is to provide specialized art training to talented and motivated elementary school-aged girls living in the inner city of Tulsa. Tulsa GAS is different from other local charitable organizations providing professional level art instruction by local art teachers and artists. Tulsa GAS provides a small class environment so students will have a lot of individual instruction and encouragement. Tulsa GAS wants to increase student understanding and appreciation of art and the life of an artist. We encourage the children to see themselves as artists and life-long participants in the arts and museums.

Tulsa GAS is a real life working art studio where students create art and will have the opportunity to sell their paintings during an actual evening art opening. Funds from the sales are allocated between the artist and Tulsa GAS. The young artists may use their portion of the sales proceeds to purchase personal art supplies for home use, pay competition fees or gallery entry fees, or buy college savings bonds for their future studies. This helps each student learn the process of planning, creating and executing their artwork, and goes a step further by teaching basic business skills.

Exceptional students will be encouraged to develop their full artistic ability and if interested, set a goal of pursuing a degree in art. Our hope is to identify young girls and provide a unique opportunity to these motivated and talented children who could not pursue a career in art without Tulsa GAS’ assistance.  Each year TGAS selects 2 new Tulsa Elementary Schools to work with.  Schools are located in the urban area of Tulsa, in close proximity to downtown.  New students are interviewed and selected on an individual basis. Each girl is interviewed and recommended by their art teacher, homeroom teacher and principal of their elementary school.
Tulsa GAS welcomes any donations or volunteers who would like to help change these girls’ lives.  Show your support and come purchase original masterpieces made by these young artists.  Together we can make a positive impact on their lives and nurture the next generation of visual artists.

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