Splatter U Double Feature: Italian Horror 101 Starring ZOMBIE


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Friday April 26 & Saturday April 27 at 10:00 PM – TICKETS $10.00

Seriously, we are going to eat you.

Join us for the first in what we hope will be an annual series of horror-themed double features we’re calling Splatter U. You will learn about the horror subgenre known as Spaghetti Splatter by watching Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE and an equally awesome top secret film. If you make it through both movies you will receive a diploma at the end of the night!

Recently transferred from the original camera negative and lovingly restored, ZOMBIE will be presented in 2K digital on Circle’s newest screen. It will be the highest quality presentation of the film you will ever see. Each flesh-eating frame has been lovingly restored to skull-rotting perfection!

Italian horror movies tend to run a smidge gory, so barf bags will be supplied (will not hold actual puke).

This event will be shown twice, once on 4/26 and again on 4/27. ZOMBIE starts at 10pm. The incredible, top secret Italian horror movie will begin at midnight. Tickets are $10 each to watch both films and enroll at Splatter U. Don’t miss it!

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