Saturday, July 27 starting at 9:00 PM

Join zombie cops, a Ferrari-loving slug, irritable captains, and a drug-dealing alien in our brand new 250-seat auditorium! This year’s Slumber Party is the one movie event that will rate a 10 on your finger scale!

THE HIDDEN, starring Kyle MacLachlan – An alien slug takes over human bodies and leaves a trail of mayhem in its wake.

THE LAST BOY SCOUT, starring Bruce Willis & Damon Wayans – A private detective teams up with a disgraced ex-footballer to uncover corruption in this fast and funny film from director Tony Scott. Okay, so they aren’t cops, we wanted to play it anyway!

SECRET HEAT – Our secret films are our most memorable ones. Join us and experience this year’s secret movie!

I COME IN PEACE (AKA DARK ANGEL), starring Dolph Lundgren – Your brain is the drug for an alien who has come to Houston to harvest endorphins from unsuspecting humans.

DEAD HEAT, starring Treat Williams & Joe Piscopo – Zombie cops. Piscopo. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Too much heat? Complimentary gelato from Mod’s provides you with the evening’s chill factor. Vintage 35mm trailers, fun giveaways, and half-price soft drink and popcorn refills round out the night. Tickets are $20. A $5 refund and free bagels from Old School Bagel Café await you if you make it through all 5 films. There are no refunds for advance ticket sales. Slumber Party 5: Buddy Heat is rated R for language, violence, nudity, re-animated meat, and death by compact disc. See you there!

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