Slumber Party 3: Payback


Saturday, July 30.

Slumber Party returns to the Circle Cinema on July 30th for its third installment of an all-night movie marathon for Tulsa’s most adventurous film fanatics. This year’s schedule steps away from the horror films that have comprised the earlier slumber parties and enters the world of revenge films. Titled SLUMBER PARTY 3: PAYBACK, the evening will begin with a 10pm screening of the 1977 slow-burner ROLLING THUNDER. Four more movies will follow with someone, or something, unleashing a dose of “payback” on much deserving wrongdoers!

As usual, SLUMBER PARTY 3: PAYBACK will have numerous goodies to keep the audience entertained [and awake] as we watch films during the night. To paraphrase that wise man Khan, “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” so we will be providing free cold treats throughout the night. After ROLLING THUNDER, audience members can refresh themselves with gelato from Mod’s Coffee and Crepes. Breakfast bagels will be served after the last film ends around 8am by the Old School Bagel Cafe. Denny Schmickle will be creating a limited-edition screen print poster and t-shirt available to purchase only by slumber party attendees. And of course, there is the $5 cash refund handed out to all the people who make it through all five movies. We recommend you purchase tickets early as previous slumber parties have sold out very quickly. Tickets are $20 and can be bought at

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