Sherman & Pacifico



Friday, 4/25 at 2:32, 4:42, 6:52 / Saturday, 4:52 / Sunday, 1:52, 4:22, 6:52

Director: Daniel Tarr

Writer: Adam Connors

Stars: Marc Sherman

Narrated by Javier Bardem

Pacifico, the immortal jellyfish, has traversed the ocean deep for 1000’s of years with an insatiable thirst for adventure. Clouded by his own hubris, Pacifico attempts the impossible: to explore a world above his own. He travels through the rivers and pipes, eventually landing in the sink of a small apartment. Sherman, an aging shut-in with a tragic fascination for the world around him, discovers Pacifico inside his pitcher, and makes him the crown jewel of his collection of treasures.

While investigating Pacifico’s origins, the aquarium curator arrives at Sherman’s doorstep and informs him that Pacifico is the wondrous turritopsis nutricula, a species with remarkable regenerative abilities. Sherman must choose to donate Pacifico to the aquarium for safety and research or keep the companionship of his new friend. Meanwhile, Pacifico has realized outside the ocean his gift of eternal life may actually be a curse. He must find a way out of his prison or face the damnation of solitude in a glass tank, forever. What is life without discovery?

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