Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30 at 10:00 PM & 11:50 PM.

83 min | NR (Treat as rated R)

Local  Film makers in attendance for Intro and Q&A!

Director/ Writter: Travis Miller

Stars: Jamie Bratton, Jeremy Castaldo, Libby Chancellor

In this Twilight Zone-esque thriller by director Travis B. Miller, five strangers awake in an abandon two-story house with a few unanswered questions racing through their minds. Who are they? Where are they? Why are they there? They soon discover that the obvious answers are not always the right ones. With nerves stretched thin, and time closing in, those remaining realize that if they want to escape from the forsaken place, they will have to work together to solve the puzzle, taking them on a psychological maze of murder and mayhem that is Purgatorium.

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