The story of Pearl Carter Scott, the youngest licensed pilot in America; 120 min, unrated.

Tulsa premiere Saturday May 22: 6pm reception, 7pm film.
Additional showings through Saturday May 29 – see our Calendar

A daredevil who dared to dream; the true story of a spirited Chickasaw teen who finds her dream life as a barnstormer on a collision course with her greatest passion.

Beautifully filmed, impeccably portrayed, the feature film “Pearl”, a production of the Chickasaw Nation, brings to life the endearing story of Pearl Carter Scott – Chickasaw aviatrix.

Elijah DeJesus, in her first lead role, brings Pearl into being for the film audience. A spunky 12 year old Pearl soars as she befriends world renowned pilot Wiley Post, which introduces her to a love for flying and to becoming the youngest pilot in American aviation history.

Raised in the late 1920’s in Marlow, Oklahoma, Pearl encountered her share of obstacles. This Chickasaw girl rises above adversity, takes on responsibility and, with the guidance of her father, holds fast to her ‘never give up’ attitude.
The feature film, ‘Pearl’ is a welcoming breath of fresh air for audiences of all ages. The story of Pearl Carter Scott is one worth telling, as it is inspiring, heartfelt and true to the character of Pearl.

This film is sure to spur encouragement in the hearts and minds of its viewers. No matter ones age, or background, Pearl reminds us of the resilience, determination and drive we all have within us – that dreams are possible when you ‘never give up’.

A production of the Chickasaw Nation and Media 13.
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