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Sunday, Sept. 29th at  4pm – Q & A with Zach Litwack and Donna Drewiske Litwack after film

Film Summary & Info:

The latest documentary by filmmaker, Zach Litwack, One Life For Another tells the story of his mother, Donna Drewiske Litwack, a 21-year-old woman who joined the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers in Panama in 1962. Stationed in the small village of Lidice, she provided the native people with health care, helped build new housing, and improved the sanitation of the community. On January 9, 1964, the Panama Canal Riots broke out due to many native Panamanians’ long held resentment against the American presence in the Canal Zone. Within the span of one week, any sign of an American presence was attacked, resulting in the death of 21 Panamanians and 4 U.S. soldiers. After discovering Donna’s presence in Lidice, a caravan of rioters visited the village with the sole intention of killing her. However, before the rioters could complete their mission, the villagers formed a human wall around Donna’s house, defending her in return for her many months of service to them. 45 years later, Donna returned to Lidice to reconnect with any villagers that might remember that fateful day and find some meaning in her harrowing experience.

29 minutes

Features music by local Tulsa musicians: And There Stand Empires, James Plumlee & Dan Halka, Al Pagano & Kristine Youngblood-Pagano, Peter Tomshany

Director Biography:

A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Zach Litwack has been making independent films since 2001 in Chicago and, most recently, here in his hometown. He has had the honor of having his work screen at festivals around the world, most notably at the Cannes Film Festival, which included his films “Improvisation” and “Lost & Found” as official selections in 2007 and 2008. He has most recently completed “One Life For Another”, which has received the endorsement of The Sargent Shriver Peace Institute as well as the Peace Corps, which plans to screen the film for all incoming Peace Corps Volunteers around the world due to its ability to capture the core humanitarian goals of the organization. Zach Litwack is currently in the early stages of pre-production for his next film, “Good Intentions”, a dark comedy which will be shot in Tulsa in the winter of 2013.

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