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Opens Friday, September 25.

“MISFITS” is a personal film. I’ve gone through what the characters are going through in the film, and a lot of thoughts and doubts go through your head, before you choose to be open. Unfortunately homophobia is a growing factor, like in Russia, where just speaking about ”different” sexualities can get you in prison, and still in too many countries being a homosexual is punished by death.

So in that respect being gay in Tulsa, Oklahoma, seems pretty harmless. But the state of Oklahoma has one of the highest suicide rates among teenagers in the US and parents can still disown their son or daughter because of a different sexuality.

The only abnormal with our main characters is in fact that they are completely normal. They are, like most teenagers, full of identity problems, big dreams and small conflicts that seem irresolvable.

But on top of that the kids in the film, have one extra obstacle: they must defend their sexuality in an age, where the hormones are blooming and they really just want to jump into life, no matter what others think about their choice of a boy- or girlfriend.

In their own words the kids talk about highly personal arguments that are considered taboo, and by letting us into their world, they also involve their families, school and friends. By getting love and support in the youth center the kids find the courage to be them selves, and it’s that same feeling I would like to pass on to the audience. Larissa, Benny, “D” and all the other kids shouldn’t spend all that energy fighting for acceptance, when they could use it on so many other things.


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