Opens Monday, December 26 – Saturday, December 31.

Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós melds its sonic landscape with visuals in this concert film/documentary.

inni is sigur rós’ second live film following 2007’s tour documentary heima. whereas that film positioned the group in the context of their icelandic homeland, providing geographical, social and historical perspectives on their music, inni focuses purely on the band’s performance, and stands as a stark counterpoint to heima’s kaleidoscopic richness. where heima was lush and colorfully expansive, inni is spare and near-monochromatic in its tunnel vision. filmed in a manner that invites both intimacy and claustrophobia, inni cocoons the viewer in a one-on-one relationship with the band, eschewing the audience for closeness, depicting how it feels for both band and fan to experience sigur rós live.

the film’s atmosphere is enhanced by morisset’s re-filming of the original digital footage on 16mm, which was then re-filmed again, sometimes through prisms and other found objects, allowing inni to look and feel like something recovered from the past. interspersed with this is archival footage drawn from the band’s previous decade, dating back as far as 1998. this juxtaposition gives viewers the full scope of sigur rós’ origins, evolution, originality and influence.


film tracklisting

  1. ný batterí
  2. svefn-g-englar
  3. fljótavík
  4. inní mér syngur vitleysingur
  5. sæglópur
  6. festival
  7. e-bow
  8. popplagið
  9. lúppulagið

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