In Current Season


Monday, January 9, 7:30pm

Sam (Forrest French) aspires to make something of himself at college. However, his girlfriend, Britney (Torey Byrne), wants him to forsake his dream to be with her. All the while her sister, Marion (Morgan Edwards), just wants to go to Archie’s for some ice cream.
Despite being denied passage to Archie’s, Marion decides to take a job there. Mike (Ben Wilson), being the girl crazy type, immediately falls in love with Marion as she waits nearby tables.
After much turmoil, Mike finally asks Marion to the high school dance. When Marion stands him up, he pursues her by throwing rocks at her window. There he is caught face to face with the pistol of a dark and mysterious cowgirl. Meanwhile, Sam is confronted by a wizard in a coffee shop.
In Current Season is Ben Wilson’s third short film as part of Rosemary Picture Co., and is sure to leave you thinking.

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