Howl opens Friday December 10.  Saturday December 11 there will be a reading of “Howl” by Grant Jenkins, Melody Charles, Lee Roy Chapman, and Sloan Davis. Also, Jim Edwards will talk about his 1977 interview with Allen Ginsberg for TU’s Collegian newspaper.


A drama centered on the obscenity trial Allen Ginsberg faced after the publication of his poem, Howl.

It’s San Francisco in 1957, and an American masterpiece is put on trial. Howl, the film, recounts this dark moment using three interwoven threads: the tumultuous life events that led a young Allen Ginsberg to find his true voice as an artist, society’s reaction (the obscenity trial), and mind-expanding animation that echoes the startling originality of the poem itself. All three coalesce in a genre-bending hybrid that brilliantly captures a pivotal moment-the birth of a counterculture.

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