“HIP TO THE MUSIC” A series of music video & film – Presented by CBUB – Led Zeppelin Live At Royal Albert Hall


Led Zeppelin Live At Royal Albert Hall – April 5th & 6th @ 8:00PM

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Led Zeppelin Live At Royall Albert Hall – January 9, 1970 was a privately held film for over three decades (except for a select group of people). This was their first big concert less than three months after they released Led Zeppelin II recorded at Abbey Road. Some of the amazing songs you will see include “White Summer/Black Mountain Side” it has an amazing 12min guitar solo by Jimmy Page. On “Dazed and Confused” Plant’s voice is just so full of soul, you are moved to the edge of your seat. The second solo song on the album “Moby Dick” put’s John Bonham in a position to show why he was one of the greatest rock drummers ever. By the time that the band plays “Whole Lotta Love” you may ask yourself if this is one of the most amazing concerts you have ever seen.

After the show Jimmy Page had confessed that the whole band had suffered extreme nerves beforehand, mainly because musician’s like John Lennon, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck had requested tickets. As you will see it did not matter, together Led Zeppelin rose to occasion and delivered an unforgettable performance.

A one of a kind concert, from one of most legendary bands of all time LED ZEPPELIN!

See a extra short before the film of Led Zeppelin’s first performance ever from 1969.


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The Cbub archive was founded in the mid 1970’s in NYC by Bill Uhre. Bill has worked in and around the music industry for almost 40 years. Bill worked in NYC Discos as a DJ and one of the first VJ’s in clubs such as The Ritz, Danceteria, The Limelight and more. Bill moved into video production working for labels such as Stiff, Warner Brothers and Atlantic Records. He worked as an editor and producer on videos pre MTV and as the flood gates opened he was there working on videos with so many artist’s like Devo, Cyndi Lauper, Buggles, Michael Bolton, Huey Lewis, Naked Eyes and hundreds more. Throughout this journey Bill preserved thousands of video clips which might have gotten lost along the way. This included many concerts, interviews, television interviews and appearance. Pure music history such as old 1940’s film jukebox films and 1960’s Scopitione film jukebox clips. Bill’s main purpose was to preserve these items and having lived through a lot of it’s history he wanted to continue to educate people about the history of music on video and film.

The archive consists of over 4000 hrs of videos – films and interviews all music related. With this series he will be presenting at the Circle Cinema the purpose is to reach out to people of all ages, especially young people to educate them on where all the music they listen to today came from. For the adults it can either be like a blast from your past or an experience to learn about something you did not know, or might have missed back in the day. Each presentation he will present at the Circle will be introduced by Bill and will offer Q & A after each showing. Bill will present many shorts and clips before and after each presentation. An entertaining evening is promised for you all!



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