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Come celebrate mother nature and learn about environmental issues that effect us as Oklahomans, April 17 – April 23.

H2O Film Fest Schedule

Sunday, April 17-6 pm: GASLAND, Academy Award nominated                      documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Josh Fox.                                                         Subject: Gas-fracking effects on local water sources in PA                                                                                             Speaker: Earl Hatley, founder of LEAD Agency, Inc, Grand Riverkeeper and environmental consultant.                              Monday, April 18-6 pm:  RIVER OF WASTE, Former OK Congressman                                    Don McCorkell production.                                                                                                 Subject: Effects of poultry industry on NE OK & the Illinois River.                                 Sponsor: Preserve Midtown                                                                                                                 Speaker: Dr. Bert Fisher, geochemist and poultry pollution expert                 for the Attorney General of Oklahoma.                                                             Tuesday, April 19-6 pm:  FLOW: FOR THE LOVE OF WATER                                        Subject:  Can Anyone Really Own Water?                                                                                        Sponsor: Oklahoma Chapter-Sierra Club                                                                                                          Speaker: David Brown, Sierra Club Conservation Chair.                     Wednesday, April 20-6 pm:  TAR CREEK, Oklahoma filmmaker Matt Myers.                 Subject: Environmental disaster in Picher, OK & the residents.                                                                               Sponsor: Grand Riverkeeper                                                                                                              Speaker: Earl Hatley, co-founder of LEAD Agency, Inc.,                   Grand Riverkeeper and environmental consultant.                               Thursday, April 21-6pm:  LIQUID ASSETS                                                                          Subject: Story of essential infrastructure systems-water,                         wastewater and stormwater with focus on Atlanta, Philadelphia,     NYC and other cities.                                                                                      Sponsor: Tulsa League of Women Voters                                                                                          Speaker: Herb Beattie,  environmentalist/community supporter.                                                                                                          Friday, April 22-6 pm:  TAPPED                                                                                               Subject: How bottled water industry has tricked the public into       paying for water that many times is not as clean as your tap                 water.                                                                                      Sponsor: Tulsa Master Recyclers Association (TMRA)                                                                      Speaker:  Diana Askins, TMRA president                                       Saturday, April 23-10:30 am: KID’S FROGGY POND PROGRAM (5-12 yr)                                                                                                                Subject: 4 short kid’s films about water followed by fun activities    Sponsor: Tulsa Blue Thumb conservation program                                                                            Leader: Cheryl Cheadle, Tulsa Blue Thumb                                           Saturday, April 23-2 pm:  POISONED WATERS                                                                      Subject:  Examines the newest health hazards in our nation’s                        contaminated waterways highlighting Chesapeake Bay and Puget      Sound areas.                                                                                                                         Sponsor: Cherokee CRC                                                                                                                    Speaker: Guy de Verges, environmental consultant/stormwater                                                Saturday, April 23-6 pm:  CHINATOWN,  ’74 Academy Award winning                      Roman Polanski thriller starring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and John               Huston.                                                                                                               Speaker: Bob Brownwood, City of Tulsa Water Supply Manager                                                                    Subject: A multilayered story set in 1937 Los Angeles following            William Mulholland securing water rights in Owen Valley for LA.

Saturday, April 23-8:30pm—Celebrate Water and H2O Film Fest Wrap Party!!

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