Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FINALS LIVE


ESL One Cologne 2015 Counter-Strike Global Offensive FINALS LIVE poster

Sunday, August 23 at 12:00 PM – TICKETS

Circle Cinema’s second ESPORTS event is the world’s largest Counter-Strike tournament – ESL One Cologne 2015: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FINALS LIVE.

Join the roaring crowd and experience Counter-Strike: Global Offensive like never before as the best teams in the world go head to head in front of thousands of fans. ESL One Counter-Strike FINALS LIVE at Circle Cinema will be hosted by YouTube sensation Soe Gschwind-Penksi (SOEMBIE) who will take guests into the inter-most workings of the tournament. Soe will be your host and guide through finals broadcast making the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive experience so much more entertaining and exciting than watching it at home.

The event will take place at Europe’s second largest stadium, LANXESS Arena in Cologne, Germany on Sunday, August 23 at  12 PM CT. We will be broadcasting the FINALS of the tournament and the anticipated run time is 3 hours in length.

Soe will bring you into the Pro-Players warm up area, host and commentator rooms and take you backstage at LANXESS Arena at the players prepare for their match. She will introduce the final teams, provide live interviews to garner added insight on team strategy, and the mindset of the two competitors which will lead straight into the final game.

Don’t miss out on this chance to see two of the best teams in the world fight for the prestigious title of ESL One Champion. Cheer on your favorite team and join them in their path to victory.

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