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Presented by Oklahoma Sierra Club

Thursday, October 24 7:00pm

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The Muir Project Presents: MILE…MILE AND A HALF In an epic snow year, a group of artists leave their daily lives behind to hike & record the historic John Muir Trail. From Yosemite to Mt. Whitney: 219 miles in 25 days. Along the way, they are joined by musicians, painters, teachers & other adventure-seekers. In the midst of the grandeur & daily grind, they discover what matters most is the opportunity to seek inspiration & adventure wherever & whenever you can, with those around you. Mile… Mile & A Half is the feature-length documentary of that journey.

Post-Film Discussion

We will have experienced backpackers after the viewing of the show to share stories and answer questions on what you need to do to make an adventure like this become a reality in your life. You will even get an update on all of our outdoor trips, including backpacking trips that you might want to experience.


MILE… MILE & A HALF (trailer 1) from The Muir Project on Vimeo.

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