2012 OK Dance Film Festival


The only festival of its kind in Oklahoma, this unique event features dance documentaries, choreography for the camera, and experimental short films that emphasize movement. Dance films create a bridge between visual and performance arts; they redefine the idea of “moving-pictures” and construct a new stage for dance.

By presenting a diverse collection of acclaimed films from around the world, and commissioning new works by local artists, OkDFF promotes the appreciation and creation of dance films within the state of Oklahoma.

$12 DAY-PASS  or $6.50 for each program



 11:00AM – Short films program: Dancing Stories

Narrative films that use dance to tell stories of love and betrayal, comedy and tragedy, action and inspiration.

Drawing Blank

Director: Stefan Verna Canada, 2012

A discarded ink sketch comes to life and offers inspiration through movement.

Time Withers

Director: Garrett Gibbons – USA, 2011

Two lovers dance through decades of separation, war and illness. Based on the letters and lives of real people.


Director: Sri Susilowati -USA, 2011

Some have good luck charms from rituals and ancient beliefs. Others have good luck charms from complicated math and computers. Is there a difference?


Director: Amy “Catfox” Campion – USA, 2011

Parkour artist Danni G. races down the sidewalk, flies over obstacles and careens through crowds of break dancers, salsa dancers and krumpers.

Labyrinth Within

Director: Pontus Lidberg – Sweden, 2010

A haunting take on jealousy, this existential thriller posits a man, a woman, and an elusive lover in a series of intense pas de deux in a stark apartment that becomes a fourth character.


12:00PM – Featured Performance Documentation

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

Director: Matthew Bourne – UK, 2011

Matthew Bourne’s triumphant re–interpretation of Swan Lake turned tradition upside down: replacing the traditional female corps de ballet with a menacing male ensemble.  The stage production won three Tony and an Olivier awards. The film is breathtaking in its drama and intensity, with a stellar cast accompanied by The New London Orchestra.


 2:00PM – Documentary 

20 Something NY

Director Lanze Spears – USA, 2012

This documentary profiles three young women striving to find their way in NYC’s competitive dance scene.



11:00 AM Short films program: The Human Animal

Imaginative films that observe humans in physical form and habitat.


Director: Mitchell Rose – USA, 2012

A dancer is confronted by an onslaught of attackers, illustrating that our days are battles from which we find respite in simple human contact.


Director: Adriano Cirulli – USA, 2011

A study of human interaction, expressed through movement and sound.

Another Good Morning

 Director: April Rose Burnam – USA, 2011

Another Good Morning captures the many outward and inward guises assumed by one woman as she moves throughout her daily routine.


 Director: Jeffrey Curtis – USA, 2012

Based on the concept of astronomical and star transit, this dance film plays with space, distance and relationships between three bodies–two dancers and a camera–in motion.

Chicken Boy

 Director: Cari Ann Shim* Sham* – USA and China, 2012

Chicken boy is a modern day metaphor for the journey of the lonely self to find peace with one’s identity.


Director: Duncan McDowall- Canada, 2011

Painted is the choreographic exploration of a building’s decay – it’s retreat from the physical world and Nature’s advance.

Beach Party Animal

 Directors: Liz Aggiss and Joe Murray – UK, 2011

A choreo-mentary of British eccentricity and Brighton Beach life ~ Beach Party Animal observes private moments in public places.


12:00 pm Featured Film 


Director: Wim Wenders – Germany, 2011

Sensual and visually stunning, PINA is a tribute to the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch.  Acclaimed German filmmaker Wim Wenders captures the beauty and sheer physicality of her imaginative work, along with memories of her dancers in the Tanztheater Wuppertal ensemble.


 2:00PM  Documentary 

Seven Solos

 Director: Douglas Rosenberg – USA, 2011

This documentary follows the process of dancer Li Chiao-Ping as she prepares to perform the work of seven postmodern chorographers, including: Elizabeth Streb, Heidi Latsky, June Watanabe,Victoria Marks, Cynthia Adams, Molissa Fenley and Bebe Miller.  As Li immerses herself in the choreographic language of each choreographer, the camera witnesses the passage of embodied knowledge and the hand-to-hand transfer of the creative impulse.

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