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“Unlikely Family tells the story of a remarkable group of people who decided in the mid-90’s to create a church family that defied the traditional ideals of Protestant and Catholic traditions,” said Russ Kirkpatrick, Producer and Co-Owner at Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions. “At its inception, the church – “The Parish Church of St. Jerome” — offered the 7 sacraments of the Anglo Catholic faith to people regardless of sex, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity. The church has always offered same sex marriage, ordination of women to holy orders and open communion to all people,” said Kirkpatrick. “We found it simply stunning that this could happen in the backyard of legendary televangelist Oral Roberts,” said Kirkpatrick. “The film demonstrates what people faced in 1995 and still face today when they don’t fit the mold prescribed by biblical “clobber scriptures.” The film also challenges traditional “my way or the highway” views of salvation that straitjacket lives with narrow values and ideals,” said Kirkpatrick.



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