Supernova Moment – Art by Nan McDowell – In the gallery


Supernova Moment

Show opens Thursday, April 7 (6:00-8:00) and runs through Monday, April 18 – Artist Nan McDowell will be donating 20% of sales to Circle Cinema!

Bio for Nan McDowell

Grew up in Boston. Graduated Tufts University with duel degrees in Occupational Therapy and Education. Lives in Jenks and LaVeta, Colorado.  Self-taught artist and poet. Current focus is acrylics. Subject matter is eclectic. With a focus on galaxies, and women  with attitude.

My life experienced  a watershed moment in 2013, after which I discovered my power. The strength that surged within me made me view myself as something so fresh and strong that it felt cosmic. Thus, the concept of being a supernova was born, and expended into my art and writing. Having never had an art class, I am driven to share  my passion with others in hopes it will encourage


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