Slumber Party Vacation



Saturday, July 23 at 10:00 PM – TICKETS

Take a road trip, hit the beach, and stay at a cabin in the woods at this year’s Slumber Party! Graveyard Shift’s most eagerly anticipated event of the year is back with another all-nighter. This time it’s horror movies with a vacation theme. We’ll first head off for a fun-filled weekend at a cozy cabin in the woods with Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2. Then we’ll take a cross-country road trip with Rutger Hauer as our guide when The Hitcher screens in 35mm for its 30th anniversary. Our third destination will be a surprise which will only be revealed when the night’s secret movie starts to play. Then we’ll head to summer camp along with our camp counselors Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter for The Burning. Piranha (2010) will tear us all apart at the end of the night.

You will not see any other event like this at a theatre in Oklahoma this year. Tickets are only $20 to see all five movies!


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