High Stakes: The Life and Times of E.W. Marland





The rise and fall of E.W. Marland, one of Oklahoma’s most colorful and controversial oil barons and the state’s 10th Governor, comes alive in this hour long documentary. Filled with dramatic reenactments shot on location, “High Stakes” is the the most entertaining and extensive portrayal of Marland’s life ever produced.

The documentary features in-depth interviews with Ponca City residents who knew the Marland family and features never before seen home movies and hundreds of rare family and Oklahoma oil industry photographs.

Produced by Steve Herrin and Scott Swearingen of Swearingen Productions of Tulsa, creators of Award winning documentaries on Woody Guthrie, Thomas Gilcrease and Willard Stone, the project draws on the diverse talents of an all Oklahoma production team..

“High Stakes” is narrated by Tulsa resident and nationally known historian and author, Michael Wallis. Tulsa musicians, including Joseph Rivers, Mark Bruner, Shelby Eicher and Rick Fortner composed and performed original music for the score.

“All Oklahomans should know the E.W. Marland story’” says Dr. Bob Blackburn, Director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, who appears in the documentary. “He was willing to take huge risks. He made and lost two fortunes but never gave up. He cared about his employees, his company and his state. Every Oklahoman has a better life today because of E.W. Marland.”

“We’ve heard that there’s a major motion picture, ‘loosely based’ on the Marland story, in the works,” says David Keathly, Executive Director of the Marland Mansion, “but we wanted to share an accurate portrayal of Marland’s life with our visitors. Besides, the real story is more amazing than any Hollywood movie.”

Proceeds will help preserve the Marland Mansion and the Grand Home and support the Circle Cinema.


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